Frequently the social center of any backyard BBQ, an outdoor grill can create that perfect grilling experience for your next family gathering, special occasion, or backyard party with friends. However you use your grill, you’ll be cooking with the highest quality equipment available when you purchase it from Hearth & Patio.

Whether you prefer the delectable flavor of a charcoal grill or the speed and convenience of a gas grill, our wide selection is sure to keep the home fires burning for any level of grill enthusiast. We offer a wide variety of grills, including: gas grills, charcoal grills, outdoor ovens, and powerful side burners.


Gas-fired grilling has the benefit of being quick and convenient. Gas grills are fueled by liquid propane or the convenience of natural gas, so all you have to do is turn a knob and feel the heat. Plus, cleanup is easy! Simply rub a metal brush over the grate and you’re done.

Browse our top-of-the line options:

Charcoal grilling


Pizza Oven: Summerset

Constructed entirely of high quality stainless steel, this all-purpose oven is great for cooking and baking pizzas, cookies, chicken, and more. Simply push the igniter button, adjust the heat knob, and watch your food become a delicious meal through the easy-view window and internal light.

Wok Burner: Fire Magic

The largest and most powerful side cooker available, the Power Burner is available with porcelain cast iron or stainless steel grids and provides the high heat perfect for wok cooking or when frying a turkey.